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"Misty Croc" Metal Prints

Photo taken of an American Crocodile in Banco Chinchorro, Mexico. 


Before this young croc started to charge and snap at Christina's friends legs, she dropped down and got this amazingly mysterious photo of the croc kicking up the sand. After the photo she had to push in front of her friend to protect her, Christina then dove down and once the croc's mouth hit her camera dome he stopped, waited and her friend could exit the water safely. 

"Misty Croc" Metal Prints

  • All of our images are infused into the surface of a solid sheet of Chromaluxe aluminum metal. The result is a vibrant, glossy, iridescent piece of art that is unlike any paper prints. Hung images appear raised off the wall for an almost 3D, life-like affect.  This mesmerizing beauty must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. There truly is no other medium that offers the durability and quality of a metal print. Mounting style is dependent upon the dimensions of the image.



    Medium Prints: Images with a dimension of 30 inches or less come with an aluminum box mount. This provides the proper support for medium size prints and comes with a single hole for quick and easy hanging.

    Large Prints: For art pieces with dimensions that exceed 30 inches we use an aluminum frame mount. The frame mount is four bars welded together that provide extra support for larger images. They come in two pieces; the wall attachment and the print. To hang, screw the middle hole of the wall attachment in first, use the bubble level to be sure your attachment is straight. Once you have fastened your wall attachment in place you simply slide the top portion of the frame mount into it. Your large metal print is safely and securely hung within minutes!

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